Wait for the talks, says UK PM's spokesman on possible Brexit breakthrough


As the European Union and Britain started the fifth round of Brexit talks on Monday, both sides quarreled over who was responsible for making the next move in the stalled negotiations over Britain's departure from the bloc. "We should have no fears about a "no deal" scenario".

May's infamous speech at the party conference, which featured a member of the crowd handing her a P45, has done little to bring stability to the UK's leadership.

With six months of the two-year negotiating period already up, officials and business leaders have become increasingly anxious that both sides may not agree to a final deal in time.

Britain is eager to to move on to the next stage of Brexit negotiations and start talks on what Britain's future trade relationship with the bloc will look like.

Jensen said the sides "are now on the same page" and "it is rather important we get on to a more close and more speedy process of concluding some of the issues".

But European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker said last month that it would take miracles for enough progress to have been made before the leaders' meeting. But though British ministers talk of a "bespoke" deal to exit EU rules while retaining market access, EU officials warn that time is running out for London to find any option other than to agree to something like the status of Norway - being in the EU market and accepting rules on which is has no vote. Brexit talks resume in the Belgian capital on Monday with officials saying agreements on some fundamental issues, in particular Britain's financial settlement, are still some way off, Bloomberg reported.

The embattled Prime Minister will today tell MPs that "the ball in their court" when it comes to Brexit, pushing the responsibility to act back onto the shoulders of European Union leaders.

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On Friday, envoys from numerous 27 including heavyweights Germany and France opposed suggestions from Barnier that they might start some preliminary discussion of what exactly will happen in the transition period immediately after Brexit.

"I am a very determined person", she told The Sunday Times when asked if she had considered abandoning her conference speech after a series of miscues Wednesday that included a heckler, a severe coughing fit, and an embarrassing failure of the set she was speaking from. "But I am optimistic we will receive a positive response", May said.

The Prime Minister said it was instead time for a "new economic relationship and a new security relationship".

"We would not go as far as saying a walk-out is the base case at this point", said JPMorgan Chase Bank economist Malcolm Barr.

It has also sharpened the focus of both sides of the Brexit debate in the UK.

The Danish minister, who is tipped as a future prime minister, was one of a number of key politicians Davis met last month, including senior figures in the Dutch and Belgian governments and MEPs from the largest group in the European parliament, the European People's party, representing constituencies in Spain, Germany and Ireland.