Trump's morning tweets again take on North Korea policy


Donald Trump has been accused of stoking tensions with North Korea - again - with his latest claims that "only one thing will work" in dealing with Pyongyang.

"We are also praying for the people of Puerto Rico", Mr Trump told the crowd, dragging out the vowels into a caricature of the Spanish pronunciation.

Mr Trump's ominous comments come during a time of strained relations between the United States and two countries, Iran and North Korea.

Trump's recent tweets on North Korea have prompted questions about whether the president is leaning toward military action.

The President's eldest daughter and a top adviser, Ivanka Trump, said "our collective hearts are breaking for the victims and their families".

Trump said, "We are joined together today in sadness, shock and grief". Trump said gesturing to the commanders surrounding him as he made looping motions with his right index finger.

The president tweeted that he called New York Sen.

Hamas arrests top IS leader in southern Gaza
Abbas wants his government to regain full control before reversing the measures, but Hamas wants them lifted immediately. Israeli commentators were divided on whether Hamas's move represents a victory or a setback for the movement.

Some suggested the First Lady did not really understand what was going on, taking her cues from those around her, while others made more humorous comparisons.

Sanders responded: "I wouldn't say that he's messing with the press".

The move would not break the US's agreement with Iran, but it would start a 60-day clock for a congressional review period in which legislators could choose to re-impose sanctions, putting a spanner in US-Iran relations.

Before leaving for North Carolina, Trump repeated his assertion that trying to negotiate with North Korea over its nuclear and missile programs is a waste of time.

"I think Secretary Tillerson, Secretary Mattis and chief of staff Kelly are those people that help separate our country from chaos, and I support them very much", Corker told reporters on Capitol Hill this week. Great ratings. While you just never know with this unconventional commander-in-chief, the military display could be a hint.

Since the president's visit, the death toll has risen to 36 and is expected to continue to rise as means of communication on the island are restored, according to NPR.

"I think we have some serious world issues here".