Should we continue to observe Columbus Day?


While the day has always been observed nationally, it is losing its standing in some USA communities.

Still, thousands will participate in celebratory parades today, the biggest of them in New York City.

Berkeley will celebrate its 25th annual Indigenous People's Day Pow Wow on Saturday, Oct. 14.

He believes changing the name to Indigenous Peoples Day takes the focus from Columbus, and instead celebrates Native American culture and the struggles they have endured. Belfast was the first ME town to make the change in 2015.

Advocates successfully pushed for the change in Cambridge, and has introduced resolutions in Boston, Brookline and other communities.

"It's attractive that Berkeley declared it Indigenous Peoples' Day, but I think it's even more important that we recognize that this holiday and the people who are recognized by it exist", Worthington said. The day is set aside to honor someone who took the chance and discovered something new. Banks, the postal service and federal offices are closed - perhaps as good a reason as any to celebrate - and the trash will be picked up as usual. In Latin America it's thee Dia de la Hispanidad, in Spain it's the Fiesta Nacional, in Belize and Uruguay it is celebrated as a day to respect cultural diversity on Día del Respeto a la Diversidad Cultural, and in the United States it's celebrated as Columbus Day. Christopher Columbus didn't reach the U.S. But experts have since discovered that the first Italian to make it to the U.S. mainland was Giovanni da Verrazzano, who sailed for the French. He thought he was in Asia. Even in recent years, historians have published new books about the ways Columbus impacted the modern world.

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The event is sponsored by the Office of Native American Programs and North American Indigenous Student Organization.

While there is plenty to criticize about Columbus, and what followed his arrival, I think this movement is missing the point.

And he wasn't the first European in the New World, either.

"History isn't a sport, where coming first means everything", he writes. Plymouth endured, the English prevailed in the contest for the continent, and the Anglo-American Protestants - New Englanders in particular - molded the new nation's memory.

Wood emphasized that the history of indigenous people has not always been taught truthfully. "But the losers matter, especially in the history of early America".

Dozens of people gathered in Boston on Saturday to call for the end of Columbus Day because of the atrocities that Columbus committed against the people that called America home before Columbus arrived. "You honor it by making it no longer invisible".