Maryland Man Arrested for Allegedly Clinging to School Bus


The bus driver proceeded slowly towards a nearby police precinct, officials said. The driver would not open the door because he was concerned for his and the students' safety. Officers were called to Putty Hill and Hoerner avenues, where witnesses said the man tried to stop the bus, saying that someone on the bus threw a bottle that hit his vehicle. The bus was transporting middle school students, and the driver told officials he was anxious about their safety.

According to WBAL, Doran got onto the front of the bus, clinging to the hood and mirror as the driver pulled away.

As their bus was stopped at an intersection, a man - Leverne Doran of Nottingham, Maryland - leaped from the adjacent vehicle and began pounding on the bus's door. Police are also looking into whether something was thrown at his vehicle from the bus.

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Police identified the man Saturday as Leverne Ardin Doran, 68, of Nottingham.

A Maryland man was charged with disturbing the peace and destruction of property after he jumped onto the hood of a moving school bus. He's been released from custody, 11 News reports. They are investigating whether anything was thrown out of the bus. As it moved forward, he held on, police said. "At that point, the driver of that vehicle got out of his vehicle".

Law Newz could not reach Doran for comment as of press time.