Las Vegas shooter tried to buy tracer rounds before massacre


The abandoned baby strollers, shoes, phones, backpacks and purses strewn for days across the huge crime scene of the Las Vegas massacre were slowly being returned to their owners Sunday to become sad souvenirs of a horrific night. On Saturday morning, the agents were seen loading the items onto dollies and into the back of a white truck. Authorities have since said that the vehicle contained 50 pounds of Tannerite.

US Vice President Mike Pence is joined by his wife, Karen, as he speaks in Las Vegas City Hall.

On October 1, nearly 60 people were killed and over 500 injured after Stephen Paddock, 64, opened fire at a crowd of concert-goers around 400 yards (365 meters) away from his hotel suite on the 32nd floor.

Investigators have identified 47 firearms belonging to Mr. Paddock, including a dozen in his hotel suite that were enhanced to fire at an accelerated rate, and discovered a system of cameras Mr. Paddock set up to monitor the area around his location.

Authorities have even put up billboards asking anyone with information to contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

On Oct. 2, the Islamic State claimed responsibly for the attack.

Police say they have looked into more than 1,000 leads. The official wasn't authorized to discuss the details of the ongoing investigation publicly and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity. "But that person never checked into the hotel, which overlooked the festival, Wagstaff Worldwide spokeswoman Emmy Carragher said".

The officials are also baffled by the fact that Paddock has left behind no information on the reason behind the shooting, whereas such killers usually leave behind notes or at least post cryptic messages on social media.

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McMahill also said that the police found in Paddock's auto 50 pounds of materials that are commonly used to make explosives devices: tannerite and ammonium nitrate.

Stephen Paddock had booked two rooms at Chicago's Blackstone hotel overlooking an expansive downtown park where the popular Lollapalooza music festival took place over four days in August, according to the website TMZ and NBC News. Tracer ammunition means bullets with a pyrotechnic charge which leaves an illuminated trace of its path after being fired. Paddock bought 33 guns, mostly rifles, during that period, an ATF spokesperson said. She also revealed he would pay her around $10,000 each time they met.

He checked in to the Mandalay Bay hotel on September 28, and shuttled more than two dozen weapons to his two-room suite using more than 10 suitcases.

Gunman Stephen Paddock's personal life, mental health, political affiliation and finances are being scrutinised but have not yet offered any clues, Undersheriff Kevin McMahill said.

Stephen Paddock's girlfriend, Marilou Danley, told FBI. investigators he had mental health issues and would sometimes lie in bed crying out, "Oh, my God!"

It's possible no one will ever learn Paddock's plan for the explosives.

"When I first met Stephen I had left an abusive relationship and was starting all over again with nothing but the clothes I was wearing", she said.