Jerry Jones Says Players Who "Disrespect The Flag" Won't Play


"If there's anything that is disrespectful to the flag, then we will not play". However, defensive linemen David Irving and Damontre Moore raised their fist following the anthem Sunday. "I know this. He's been very pleased". Jones and Gase's ultimatum to their respective players flies in the face of this decree, and on Monday morning the head of the NFLPA, DeMaurice Smith, weighed in. When apprised of that, he said that while "we as a team are very much on the page together", players and coaches will "under no circumstances" fail to "stand and recognize and honor the flag".

Three Miami players who had been protesting during "The Star-Spangled Banner" were not on the field during the anthem this week. We'll get back to whether that's a distinction with or without a difference in a moment. His unequivocal response was said to come after a reporter asked him about Vice President Mike Pence's protest in leaving the game in Indianapolis earlier Sunday after players knelt during the national anthem. "He's got rights too".

One member of an National Football League coaching staff said the general manager asked the position coaches (who are often the lowest-ranked coaches but have the most contact with the players) to "feel out" which players might be thinking of taking a knee and to "talk to them". That is what makes us the land of the free and home of the fearless. Forbes estimates the Cowboys' value at $4.8 billion, more than $1 billion more than the total worth of any other team in the United States. But to suggest that players must stand, that they must restrain themselves from speaking their own minds, violates one of the most sacred tenets of American democracy. The NFL rulebook may not mention the national anthem, but the game operations manual certainly does.

Jones said a phone conversation with Trump after the display in Arizona included Trump telling him there was a rule on the books.

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"We've kneeled in support of each other before the national anthem, and we've stood for the national anthem". Then they all stood, with arms still locked, for the anthem before they played against the Arizona Cardinals.

On September 25, in the wake of Trump's comments and widespread protest around the NFL, Jones and the Cowboys linked arms and knelt before the anthem, but stood during the anthem. However, Trump was only responding to fan anger that had already built.

Several NFL teams have struggled with how to handle anthem protests. Jerry and the National Football League have seen enough of the polling to know this whole free speech thing sounds great, but it hurts the brand, the shield, and the wallet.