Trump Defends Throwing Paper Towels to Hurricane Survivors in Puerto Rico


President Donald Trump appeared on Mike Huckabee's new weekend program on the Trinity Broadcasting Network Saturday, where he derided critics who found his behavior insensitive during a recent visit to Puerto Rico.

The president, who has been calling domestic terrorist Stephen Paddock "sick" and "demented" in other interviews all week, shared with Huckabee associated a word rarely heard from presidents when talking about perpetrators of mass shootings. "And when I look at those people they are just hating".

Trump frequently uses the term "fake news" on Twitter when disputing media reports.

"I think one of the greatest of all terms I've come up with is 'fake, '" he said. They said, "Throw 'em to me!"

Trump's remarks came as he defended his administration from criticism following the response to the crisis in Puerto Rico. Huckabee - whose daughter is White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders - had asked him elaborate on "the effusive praise" from officials.

'And also when I walked in, the cheering was incredible, ' Trump added. Puerto Rico was ravaged by two category four storms in the space of one week in September.

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He said the crowd was "having fun" and urged him to throw the paper towels, and the media did not cover the incident fairly. "Throw 'em to me Mr. President!" "Very good towels", Trump said.

"You were a rock star", Huckabee replied.

President Donald Trump throws rolls of paper towels into a crowd of local residents affected by Hurricane Maria as he visits Calgary Chapel in San Juan, Puerto Rico on October 3.

"The media, though, complained the next day that it was "'so disrespectful to the people, '" said Trump.

Elsewhere in the not-exactly-hard-hitting interview with Huckabee, who is his press secretary's father, Trump took quasi-credit for inventing the word "fake", accused Iran of working with North Korea, attacked San Juan's mayor once again, and backed off on his promise to move Israel's embassy.