Robert Kirkman confirms The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead crossover


One last possibility is that Fear the Walking Dead is set to come to a premature end, and Robert Kirkman has at least one character from that show he'd like to preserve by switching them over.

The two shows take place on opposite coasts with different characters at separate points in time, but that will not stop The Walking Dead and companion show Fear the Walking Dead from a future crossover.

Later that day, the co-stars joined castmates Tom Payne and Gale Anne Hurd at the 2017 Comic Con Walking Dead panel hosted by Chris Hardwick.

Robert Kirkman - the creator of "The Walking Dead" - broke the news on Saturday during New York Comic Con that the two shows will crossover with one character making the move between series but he wouldn't expand any further than that. At this time, all that is now known is that one character will cross over between the two shows.

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While the two shows exist in the same dystopian universe, the paths of each show's characters have never crossed. Timelines - how does that work? "Hopefully there have been points where you go, 'Is this it?" Is it going to be something completely different than that? Kirkman didn't say if it would occur in the upcoming eighth season of The Walking Dead, which premieres on October 22 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC. Fans may love to see fiery Clementine replace the lackluster Edith as Carl's new girlfriend, but Kirkman has reaffirmed that it just won't be happening.

After years of speculation as to whether or not it will actually happen, it looks like the Walking Dead - Fear the Walking Dead crossover finally will. When it was announced a sister show would be coming in the form of "Fear The Walking Dead", expectation was high and, for the majority of those watching, the new series impressed just as much as the original.

The Walking Dead has built up an impressively deep and diverse core cast of characters through its seven (soon to be eight) seasons.