Las Vegas survivor on meeting Trump, first lady: They're real people


Trump added that people he has met have not appeared to mind the first lady's heels.

On Tuesday, she was once again spotted in stiletto heels as she boarded a plane to a hurricane-devastated region.

A few weeks after the photos of Melania in her very high heels circulated the Internet, Blahnik himself spoke up in favor of the First Lady.

On Tuesday, Trump boarded Marine One in sky-high navy stilettos that matched her Victoria Beckham turtleneck sweater ($1,050, and cropped pants. She swept her brunette tresses into a ponytail that was pulled through a baseball cap.

Trump in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico after hurricanes hit those locations. According to the below tweet from Kate Bennett, a CNN reporter covering White House topics and co-author of the CNN Politics COVER/LINE newsletter, Melania thought about donating blood while she was in Las Vegas to benefit the shooting victims, but presidential medical guidelines stopped Melania from fulfilling her blood donation wish.

Ole Miss offense showed life in second half
On kick return, freshman Noah Igbinoghene had two returns, one of which was a 70-yard run down to the Ole Miss 30-yard line. The Tigers didn't punt until their second possession of the second half, and only punted three total times all game.

However, many others - especially supporters of the president - saw the backlash against Trump as yet another sign of how out of touch the "liberal elite" and media are. Were the First Lady's style choices appropriate in these situations? She is aware of the message she is sending, which is typically one of aspirational luxury. And she sees how important it is. She made a similar move this week when visiting Puerto Rico, boarding her flight while wearing stilettos before switching to Timberland work boots.

And many people saw the shoes as sending exactly that message. "She goes and wants to look-out of respect for the White House-wants to look good leaving the front entrance to the White House".

Not everyone hates Melania's high heels, according to Trump.

The White House has previously issued a statement that it was "sad" people were concerned with her shoes during an ongoing natural disaster.

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