Gal Gadot kisses Kate McKinnon in 'Wonder Woman' spoof


Not that there was any cause to doubt her comedic chops, but it's official: Gadot is a pro at playing multiple Wonder Women - and hilariously, too.

It looks like Wonder Woman has a new love interest in her life and Chris Pine's character should be very afraid!

"I'm sorry, you are taking this the wrong way", Diana tells them.

That history is dramatized in the film "Professor Marston & the Wonder Women", which opens Friday.

"The skit saw Kate, 33, and Aidy Bryant, 30, play two lesbian women arriving to the land of Themyscira, an island inhabited only by lovely women", Daily Mail reported.

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"It's like a porn but the plumber is genuinely there to save the pipes", Bryant said as two Amazons wrestled with one another, unaware of any sexual implications.

That's why this particular sketch was more than just an excuse to have an attractive host like Gadot kiss a member of the S.N.L. cast.

"The world is a complete bummer right now and here at E! we know that sometimes you just have to be like 'uhhhhh, ' " the sketch begins. Beck Bennett's mirage isn't as lust-worthy.

Israeli actress and model Gal Gadot.

On SNL, we delved into the hardcore queer history of Wonder Woman with a hilarious sketch. Thompson's character quickly confirms that Gadot's character was in a war-torn country in the '90s, so that took up most of her attention. Of course, over the segment, the celebrity reveals he is actually former National Football League star and alleged double murderer O.J. Simpson!