Check Out the Trailer for the 11th Season of The X-Files


The trailer for the next installment in The X-Files was released at New York Comic Con which teases the sci-fi series' upcoming return for Season 11.

With stars Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny, plus cast member Mitch Pileggi and series creator Chris Carter on NYCC's Main Stage, the fans of the revived X-Files were given a peek at the upcoming Season 11.

The trailer ends with Scully telling Mulder that he has to find someone and "stop him from unleashing hell on earth".

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Sharp-eyed X-Files fans should spot the brief return of Richard Langley, one of the Lone Gunmen who seemingly recorded a message for Mulder before he died over a decade ago.

How much will you miss her if this is really it for you? Those working on X-Files have in the past tried to do a show without Duchovny and Anderson, but it's something that fell flat with viewers, so we can't see them trying something similar again. For example, Carter said that Mulder and Scully "get kissin' close" next season and he revealed that the first episode will dig into Cigarette Smoking Man's past. It also was the season's most talked-about event series on Twitter, and now it's back for another special event series. Admittedly critics and fans weren't completely overwhelmed, but season 10, for its faults, remained one of the more ambitious and entertaining sci-fi shows now on TV.

What are your hopes for season 11? Are you excited for the new season?