Uttar Pradesh: Woman gangraped at gun point in front of husband, child


A 25-year-old woman was allegedly gang-raped by four men at gunpoint in the presence of her husband in Muzaffarnagar district in Uttar Pradesh.

"On our way home, four men who were standing near their vehicle, told us that some fix work had started on the local bridge and suggested another route for us to go home".

Summary: They allegedly tied the man up, while the baby was taken at knife-point to force the woman into submission. "After committing the crime, they escaped uninterrupted", said an officer at the Bhopal police station, the closest to where the incident occurred.

In a gruesome act, a woman was gangraped by four men in fron of her husband and their infant in Muzaffarnagar.

The UP Governor had said that it is the duty of the government and the police to ensure women's safety as they have every right to lead a safe life.

Meanwhile, they kept beating her husband and threatened her of killing her child.

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The four men dragged the couple to a nearby sugarcane field and snatched their baby.

The victim told ANI, "Four men dragged me to a sugarcane farm and raped me".

The attack took place when the victim and her family was on their way back from a doctor's clinic after a medical check up of their child.

The accused are on the run and yet to be identified.

A case has been registered against the four yet unidentified men and investigation is under way. Medical examination of both the victim and her husband is being conducted.