Trump smiles, winks when asked about 'calm before the storm' remark


With his hand in that looping motion, he asks, "Do you know what this represents?"

Although the briefing with the president may have had some issues, Donald Trump did take the time to meet with the people and also hand out some supplies.

President Trump grinned and winked on Friday when asked to explain his comment the night before that the United States could be in "the calm before the storm".

US President Donald Trump has "tremendous accomplishments on the global stage" and he is "keeping the world from chaos", the White House has claimed.

She looked on from the stage in the East Room in the White House as the President spoke to the assembled reporters and Hispanic leaders.

However, stories are still doing the rounds that Trump and Tillerson's relationship has been damaged beyond fix due to clashes over Iran and North Korea policy. You protect our communities and you defend our nation.

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Asked yet again for an answer, Mr. Trump said, "You'll find out". The late-night host compared the president's comments to a firefighter rescuing a person, and then complaining to the victim of the fire about how much the water bill is going to be.

In reply to a general query about the administration having exhausted diplomacy, Sanders offered up North Korea, unprompted, "We're continuing to put maximum economic and diplomatic pressure on countries like North Korea".

"We're going to continue doing that".

With the spokesperson unable to furnish a satisfactory response, reporters fell back on the "madman theory" - could he have subscribed to that?

But she added, "We have a lot of bad actors in the world, North Korea, Iran, several examples there". "So if you're asking, is the president trying to do that - absolutely".

"I think this is a president who is living in a constant reality TV show".