Trump slams late night comedians for 'unfunny' anti-Trump jokes


President Donald Trump, who has pushed for broad rollbacks of regulations on the environment, markets, banking and other areas, mused on Twitter about restoring a media rule killed under a president he cites as one of his heroes, Ronald Reagan.

Donald Trump, as he does almost every week, woke up on Saturday morning, turned on Fox News, and started tweeting whatever half-formed thoughts floated into his leaky brain.

Trump accuses the late-night hosts of being "unfunny" and having "repetitive material".

It was two weeks ago that it was discovered that Jimmy Kimmel worked on his barrage of monologues attacking the Republican healthcare plan, with New York's Sen.

Then he hit on the topic of equal time with Republicans and Democrats on TV, going after the "one-sided coverage".

In response, Late Night host Seth Meyers tweeted that he'd love to have Trump appear on his show, provided he can find their offices.

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Kimmel responded by inviting Trump to his show... with a caveat.

"That's not how it works".

He did not explain whether he saw himself cracking jokes during his allotted equal time slot if such a request were ever to be entertained.

Kimmel's son, Billy, was born this year with a congenital heart defect, a pre-existing condition the late night host argued would have prevented the boy from getting health insurance if not for the Affordable Care Act that Obama signed in 2010. "You're not campaigning. You're the president", Mike DiCenzo, a writer and producer for NBC's "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon", tweeted.

Trump's ire for his late night critics- who also include CBS' Stephen Colbert and even Fallon at times - is not totally unfounded.