Mobile's Pixel 2 Deal Also Offers Half Your Money Back


While the Pixel 2 will cost Rs 61,000 for 64gb variant, Pixel 2 XL will start from Rs 73,000. Besides, it will also help popularise Google Translate among the masses. Google Pixel Buds are a huge leap forward in translation technology and it will be interesting to watch their impact on the Icelandic language. Last year, Google partnered with Verizon Wireless for an exclusive deal for the Pixel and the Pixel XL, and this is continuing in 2017 with the new Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL. Basically, it's like having a Google Assistant in your home, only with Pixel Buds, it can whisper softly in your ear.

The Google Pixel 2 has been announced and the "made by Google" smartphone has been improved upon in nearly every way to make Android fans salivating at potentially owning one.

It remains to be seen whether these Pixels can beat the toppers in the market like Dash Charge, and Oppo's VOOC charging, but last year's Pixel lagged behind by quite a bit against the OnePlus 3T. When the other person replies in Japanese, you will be able to hear the translated version in your language through the Pixel Buds. Looks like Google's got Apple beat in the earbud field-for now. Pixel Buds are connected by a cord that can loop behind your head, though, which makes them easier to keep track of.

Last year, when Apple Inc. launched the iPhone 7, it chose to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack and instead introduced its wireless Bluetooth earbuds called "Airpods". But the iPhone 8, like its bigger brother the 8 Plus, has that all-important A11 Bionic chip that may be the fastest mobile chip out there at this moment.

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Equipped with Google Assistant, the in-ear headphones offer real-time translation of languages including English, French, Chinese and Finnish.

Another item unveiled Wednesday was the Google Home Mini, which has all the power of a regular-sized Google digital assistant.

The upcoming death of bezel also pushed Google's move to P-OLED for Pixel XL.

The Mini will cost nearly $50, roughly the small price as Amazon's smaller speaker, the Echo Dot.