Treasury report says no laws violated in Mnuchin's travels


But Delmar said he found a "disconnect" between the rules requiring government officials to document why they need to travel by military jet and whether the trips meet the standard of "White House Support Missions" and "the actual amount of proof provided by Treasury and accepted by the White House in justifying these trip requests". Health and Human Servivces Secretary Tom Price resigned last week after questions were raised about his use of private jets for multiple government trips.

Prompted by the rash of bad press-which began with Steve Mnuchin's wife bragging online about the perks of being rich and having taxpayers pick up the tab-the Trump administration has begun looking into officials' luxury-travel habits.

The Treasury report said Mnuchin's staff had made nine requests for the use of government aircraft since Mnuchin became Treasury secretary this year, including a request for a government plane this summer for Mnuchin's honeymoon travels to Britain, France and Italy.

Delmar added that the Office of Management and Budget last week issued a new memo calling for more rigorous justifications for non-commercial air travel and urged the Treasury Department to "be ready to justify government air in greater detail, especially regarding cost comparisons and needs for security and other special factors".

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Marilou Danley returned on Wednesday (NZ time) from a family visit to the Philippines and is regarded as a "person of interest". Asked if investigators had determined why Paddock carried out the attack, he said "we are not there yet".

The Treasury report detailed some of the high costs associated with the use of military aircraft. He initially drew criticism for taking a military jet to Fort Knox to "inspect the gold" and allegedly watch the solar eclipse in August.

The Times cited an internal email that said Mnuchin needed a military plane in order to have a classified telephone conversation with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. A commercial round-trip flight would have cost less than $1,000. That reimbursement was not broken out but the total cost of the flight was put at $26,900. In report of chief investigator, this trip was stated to cost $26900, but re was no evidence that journey's objective was ' solar eclipse '. "The trip was originally planned for earlier in August but was postponed to accommodate the Congressional calendar".

The trip made headlines earlier this week after Linton posted to Instagram about it and set off a social media storm when she fired back at one commenter who criticized her. Linton has since deleted the post and apologized.

That prompted criticism from an OR mother who wrote "glad we could pay for your little getaway".