Stranger Things Gets Mobile Game Ahead of Season 2


Like most video games based off of existing movies and TV shows, it takes some liberties with the plot but is roughly based on the events of the first season.

Stranger Things (unseen by me) is possibly Netflix's most popular show.

Since Stranger Things: The Game is completely free to play, there is really no reason for fans of the show not to check it out for themselves. Stranger Things: The Game is a new mobile adventure for iOS and Android that combines retro stylings with characters, settings and stories from the Netflix horror hit "Stranger Things".

The streaming giant teamed up with indie game developers BonusXP to create Stranger Things: The Game and, as you would expect, it looks like an arcade game or a 16-bit console from the 1980s. If there's time, get caught up before downloading the game.

Spirit Halloween seems to be ground zero for all things Hawkins, Indiana.

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The game itself is a decently fun, though it won't set the world on fire. The most logical starting point for this investigation is Hawkins National Laboratory. You're definitely not the only one, but you might want to lower your expectations. You'll get a lot more out of it that way. But don't worry, you don't have to find your long-lost Game Boy to play.

Stranger Things mobile game features seven playable characters, six dungeons that players can explore, and over 30 quests for players to complete.

Oh, and for those of you anxious about Google Play Games Services support, leaderboards and achievements are built right in.

The animation and graphical quality of the game is also quite remarkable, and the pixel art is exceptionally well done. She said: "It's so overwhelming". The amount of polish shown here is something to celebrate. Not only is the game free, but it's expansive enough to grab your attention.

As Hopper locates the boys, players can take control of them and utilize their special abilities to further the plot.