British PM May given unemployment form by a heckler during speech


According to Conservative Party rules, a leadership contest can be triggered in two ways, with the most obvious being if Mrs May resigns. "While still trailing the Prime Minister 36% to 33%, the Labour leader is now only three points behind his main rival, in contrast to last time when he was eight points behind (37% vs 29%)", the statement on the poll results read. We wanted to present that to Theresa May privately.

As he was bundled away by security, the joker said "Boris told me to do it".

He told the Press Association: "She completely turned around that tone of the general election, of a monotone, iron lady, the Maybot".

Shapps said five former ministers were part of the move to oust May and some current ministers also "support it", although other senior party figures contradicted him.

After Ms May's bungled election, her failure to unite the cabinet and a poor party conference, "the writing is on the wall", he said.

The prankster — identified in media reports as comedian Simon Brodkin — handed May a P45, the form given to people being laid off, as she was addressing the Conservative conference in Manchester.

Shapps told the BBC that May was a "perfectly decent person" but had "rolled the dice" and lost over her decision to call a snap election.

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Shapps also said this came from across the party, including those who wanted to leave the European Union, remain and those "somewhere in the middle" like himself.

The British Prime Minister has insisted she is providing "calm leadership" with the "full support" of her Cabinet.

Several Tory MPs have thrown their support behind Mrs May, including Home Secretary Amber Rudd, Education Secretary Michael Gove and Broxbourne representative Charles Walker.

"We, Theresa May s Government, want to.set out a better path, one that actually leads to a prosperous, secure and united country. She should stay", she wrote.

The Tunbridge Wells MP said the party now needed to concentrate on being "effective and cool-headed" in government and that there would be no patience with any "distractions".

Sources close to the prime minister have said that the PM had caught the "conference cold", and that her many interviews and meetings this week have taken their toll on her voice.

He added: "I think people know that she has had not just an annoying cough but a very, very tough few months and what comes across about Theresa May in public now is something that I've always seen in private which is a tremendous sense of duty".