Apple investigating reports of iPhone 8 Plus battery swelling


The iphone 8 has been in the market just for a week and the users have already reported the phone to be bursting open. What appears to be happening is that the battery inside the phone is swelling, bending the front of the phone and separating it from the body of the device.

Though millions of phones manufactured will have some form of defect in them which is why Apple offers stellar after-sales service of its products, identical issues point out that either a specific component or manufacturing defect could be occurring where consumers are met with crippled phones. The initial reports came from China and Taiwan when a woman reported that her iPhone 8 Plus cracked open during the charge. And in the days since, there've been cases in China, Canada, and Greece.

An Apple spokesperson said the company is looking into the matter and declined to comment further. So far, cnet has rounded up 6 reports of the issue. More details emerging on the Taiwanese issue claimed that the battery of the iPhone 8 had swollen to an unusal amount.

These reports are coming in from different corners of the world, though the number of people reporting battery swelling problems is small for now. While it seems to be rare, there's obviously good reason to want to know what's going on. While this flaw is being called "splitgate", some phones are said to be swelling, bulging, and becoming excessively warm to the touch. The chemical makeup of lithium-ion batteries and the energy they store can however make them a potential hazard with any kind of fault. Several devices have however, allegedly been collected by Apple partners and returned for investigation by the tech giant. "Just a random event, and it's only a few".

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Apple has stated that they are "aware (of the issue) and are looking into it". Reports surfaced earlier in the week about a possible battery problem.

KitGuru Says: Battery swelling isn't almost as bad as them spontaneously lighting up and burning.

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