Whole Foods Locations in New England Hit by Credit Card Breach


The Short Pump Whole Foods location was one of the 470 stores which were compromised in a recent data breach. Those stores account for about 65 percent of Whole Foods locations.

Traffic was up 17 percent during the full week after the price reductions and remained up 4 percent for the following week, ended September 16.

For the month of September, auto traffic at Whole Foods stores was up 4.6 percent, the biggest increase since June 2014.

Fish sales at a Whole Foods store. However, the price cuts may not be producing the desired results. "While most Whole Foods Market stores do not have these restaurants and taprooms, Whole Foods Market encourages its customers to strictly check their statements of payment card and report about any illegitimate charges to the issuing bank".

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This increase was to the detriment of rivals, with Trader Joe's hit the hardest. Walmart, Kroger, Costco and Target provided the largest numbers of new customers, while Trader Joe's, Sprouts and Target saw the highest percentage of their own regular customers defecting to Whole Foods.

Only ten percent of those visiting Whole Foods in the first week said they usually shop at Trader Joe's, while eight percent said they shop at Sprouts, an organic-food chain primarily located in the Southwest and West.

Thasos analysis shows that the price cuts did not attract customers from lower incomes and that Whole Foods may have shed its "whole paycheck" moniker, but its new shoppers are still coming from the wealthiest demographics. When Whole Foods Market learned of this, the company launched an investigation, obtained the help of a leading cyber security forensics firm, contacted law enforcement and is taking appropriate measures to address the issue."Other regional locations affected include Philadelphia and Wynnewood, Montgomery County".