Watch Google's very loud demo of the new Home Max speaker


Home Max employs two 4.5-inch woofers, which can extrude to an impressive 22mm to deliver improved bass, along with a pair of dedicated tweeters to complete the audio spectrum. Startups like Doppler Labs have been introducing hearing aid-like products in recent years that are designed for more attentive hearing, and aim to help with the dinner party effect where you overhear snippets from the next table, but not what someone across from you is saying. If you are unable to capture the moments, then give this camera commands through voice assistant and it will work as per your commands. An accompaniment to the Google Home, the mini will allow the smart speaker to be accessible in more rooms around the house.

On the back of the device there's a little switch for turning on and off the microphone (if you remember, the Google Home had a button that served the same function) and a small microUSB port for power.

The Google Home Max was speculated a couple of times in the past and it took the audience by surprise. Of course, you use the Google Home app to set everything up - and it couldn't be simpler. So, what makes the Google Home Max better for your home than the recently Alexa-upgraded Sonos speakers or Apple's upcoming HomePod?

The Google Clips camera, priced at $249 (roughly Rs. 16,200), isn't necessarily cheap, but if the reaction from the audience is anything to go by, it is going to attract much attention from customers when it "soon" goes on sale in the United States. This week, Google unveiled two new smart speaker products that finally offer solid alternatives to their Echo counterparts.

Both speakers are capable of all the same machine learning-powered tasks that the original Google Home can do through the Google Assistant. It supports aux input as well as Bluetooth playback.

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The Google Home Max turns the Google Assistant into your very own personal DJ.

The Google Home Mini is available to pre-order online at the Google Store as well as several retailers including Curry's PC World, Maplin, Argos John Lewis, EE and Carphone Warehouse. I'm no audiophile, but my first impression of the Home Max is definitely positive. The speaker is covered nearly entirely in fabric dyed in chalk (light gray), coral (red), and charcoal (darker gray) colors. Google is indeed stepping up their game when it comes to smart speakers. The speaker comes with a 12-month subscription to YouTube Red, which includes YouTube Music ad-free.

The Pixelbook, available on October 31, starts at $999. Its battery should last about three hours, and the LED lights let you know when it's recording. That said, Google put a lot of effort into the Max.

Those considering the HomePad, Sonos Play 5, or Amazon Echo speakers, this is one more high-end option coming later this year.