Janaraksha Yatra: BJP chief Amit Shah skips rally returns to Delhi


Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan asked Yogi Adityanath to refrain from speaking on the basis of "false and fake" information provided by the state BJP leaders.

"Amit Shah has embarked on a risky course of inciting violence against the CPI (M) by levelling false charges and accusations against the party", CPI (M) journal "People's Democracy" said in an editorial. Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala of Congress said, "The Yatra now resembles a funeral procession". The BJP president decided not to join the yatra since he was convinced that the march would not make any impact on the people, he said.

While Amit Shah cut short his tour of Kerala, Jaitley returned from Dhaka for the meeting with Modi, who on Wednesday night put up a strong defence of the government's handling of the economy and hit back at critics saying they were spreading pessimism all round.

A day earlier, Yogi Adithyanath was burried in angry responses and jibes as he said Kerala must learn from UP, a state that has rock bottom ratings in most development indices, unlike Kerala. It's this that will help the party build bridges with Kerala society, not feeding the internecine Left-Right conflict. He said, "it is in the nature of the Left party to grab power at gunpoint".

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While Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath accused the Pinaryi Vijayan government of backing murders of Sangh workers, the Kerala Chief Minister in a series of tweets mocked his UP counterpart's claims. The yatra portrays BJP at the vanguard of countering "red-jihadi terror". "There is no scope for political violence in a democracy but unfortunately Kerala, God's own land, is witnessing politically sponsored violence", Adityanath had said. Yogi focussed on jihadi terror in his discourse accusing the Left government of failing to take steps to check a unsafe trend like love jihad.

"Love jihad is a unsafe trend".

He added that the BJP would not allow Kerala to become a land of 'lal salaam', a term used by communist party members for greeting each other.