Forza Motorsport 7 Changes VIP Membership Rewards After Backlash


Better FPS you say?

This year, things were not as Forza fans expected.

Taking some inspiration from its sensational open-world spin-off Forza Horizon 3, Forza Motorsport 7 has a more lively and friendly feel to its presentation this time around. Keep pressing the button until you've found the view that you're comfortable with. The graphics have been reported to be a major improvement from "Forza Motorsport 6", not just from the cars that players can use, but even the intricate detail that was put into each and every in-game crowd member.

Even though Forza Motorsport 7 excels when it comes to the graphics and gameplay, to me it feels that the series can not do much more in terms of adding new features or content. The courses have been "brought to life", feeling real and organic.

A Brand New Campaign -Experience the premiere racing championship in the Forza Driver's Cup, where you battle thousands of Drivatars to earn trophies and become the Forza Driver's Cup Champion. They are making the quality of PC performance a 'top priority'. Here in Forza 7, no licensed music is offered so I ended up playing my own songs via Spotify instead.

Forza Motorsport 7 is by most accounts a great racing game, but it messed up with the VIP upgrade.

Now consumable items attained by purchasing prize crates, mods have a wide range of effects that award you bonus credits and/or experience. To continue the perk players would have to purchase additional cards.

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In fact, the whole prize crate system feels redundant and unnecessary. If you don't like a feature, let developers know. In this game, you have to unlock the tier level by buying and collecting enough cars to increase the tier level. Don't despair at the thought though, after a little over 10 hours I had already reached auto tier five, at which point I had access to every vehicle in the game.

If your profile level is only up to the second tier, you won't be able to buy a tier 4 auto even if you can afford it! The career mode forces you to buy as many vehicles as you can because you need to participate in as many races as possible to unlock the next championship series. Unlike previous Forza Motorsport titles, however, there are more restrictions on the specifications of the vehicles you can use. This is free-to-play-like design of artificial inflation and arbitrary money sinks that all get in the way of fun. It's a move that makes sense, but I still hope that the option to create races based on auto class is added in the future for those of us who like to mix the action up.

When you're zipping around the tracks in Forza Motorsport 7, it can be hard to truly take in the breathtaking details in the visuals, especially if you're using the cockpit view. This wasn't communicated in the publicity material for the VIP editions of Forza 7, and many fans - expecting the same perks they had previously enjoyed - were understandably annoyed at having paid a higher price for what they saw as reduced content.

Master 30 racing environments with over 200 ribbons, Forza's largest track list ever.

Because everything in Forza games is bought with credits, you always had a clear progression path towards getting your favourite cars.

Forza Motorsport 7 is available on Xbox One and PC.