All your Instagram stories are belong to Facebook


Whether you're trying to plan tomorrow's trip, choosing which outfit to take or figuring out where to go for shopping; now it's easy to share a two-option poll right in your Story.

Instagram has launched a very sneaky new feature in its Stories section that links users directly to the equivalent section in their parent app Facebook. Well, this is also one of the reasons for Facebook to allow direct posting of Instagram Stories on Facebook Stories.

Most recently, TechCrunch reported users will now be able to integrate their stories with Facebook Stories.

Facebook and Instagram have tied their platforms closer together, in a setup that will satisfy heavy social media sharers.

Meanwhile, Instagram Stories has garnered over 250 million monthly active users and the application has almost 700 million users globally.

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The feature was first tested in Portugal last month before TechCrunch spotted it in the US and got confirmation from Facebook that it's coming to everyone.

Instagram's aim is to offer a fun, interactive tool that lets users ask friends and followers simple questions-about what they should wear, for example ("Should I wear this dress or these jeans?") or what to eat ("Should I finish this leftover pizza or cook some pasta?").

Yet Stories hasn't been a huge success for the company. This is why Instagram now records 250 million Stories, making it the leading platform in terms of uploading Stories.

Critics are saying the same about the move to cross post Instagram Stories to Facebook.