Tyra impresses UofL coaches


They are the most spirited and successful sports program at UofL led by coach Todd Sharp.

It was obvious during his introductory press conference that Vince Tyra is an individual who has considered himself a part of the University of Louisville family.

Sharp attributes much of his success under Tom Jurich who he says was a leading advocate for Title XI and women sports at UofL.

"I'm all in, and for the period of time that my skills and my leadership can be leveraged to create some stability here and growth and build upon what we have here, I'm here", Tyra said. In the letter to Jurich, Postel noted that his contract required him to "supervise coaches to assure their exemplary performance and adherence to law and all NCAA, ACC, and University policies", but added that the level of misconduct alleged in the indictment and amount of negative attention thrust upon UofL "is unacceptable". Other coaches are tweeting their support as well.

Head Swimming Coach Arthur Albiero tweeted, "All are UNANIMOUS in support" for Jurich.

Stemler went on to say, "Even if Tom were to have breached his contract, which he clearly has not, Tom can not undertake any "cure" or damage control while he is on administrative leave". One of them may have a flat tire right now, but we will prop it back up.

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"It was unanimous that we felt we didn't want to remain silent when it came for our support for Tom".

Vince Tyra's top priority personally and professionally is to see UofL athletics continue to thrive.

"While this is a hard process of what we're going through, we have a terrific set of athletic programs all across the board".

The Cards news vice president of athletics met with the school's head coaches on Tuesday night.

The University of Louisville board of trustees did not make any additional changes to the employment status of athletics director Tom Jurich Monday morning, following a two-hour closed session in which the trustees discussed the recruiting bribery scandal that has rocked the UofL basketball program.