Snapchat's AR art installations are live in select cities


Imagine if you could fill a city with digital art sculptures that are completely invisible to the naked eye, but that appear in glorious 3D whenever they're run through the right Snapchat filter.

Visitors to the secretive site are shown a countdown that coincides with a rare public appearance from CEO Evan Spiegel at Vanity Fair's New Establishment conference being held in Los Angeles.

After trekking out to the middle of Central Park to see Snapchat's newest AR feature, I can solidly say that the best part of the experience was getting to spend some time outside during a lovely fall day. By configuring their PC's time and date to fast forward to the end of the countdown, Snapchat's webpage revealed their latest attempt of integrating augmented reality into devices. Sculptures will be available at each park for a couple of weeks at a time before traveling to new locations, which will be updated on the website. It's not immediately clear whether this artistic collaboration will expand Koons' audience among millennials, or whether Snapchat's brand will come out looking classier, but watching Koons explain how psyched he is to share his "three-story balloon dog" with Snapchat users feels unusual. Snapchat's website now also shows you the exact coordinates of each AR sculpture.

Jeff Koons' augmented reality sculpture of Popeye. It is also been speculated that the user might see the ART on its Snapmap.

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The video-sharing app makers have joined forces with the artist in order to offer fictional art that looks real when you bring your smartphone to specific locations around the world.

Artist Jeff Koons, known the world-over for his massive balloon dog sculptures, teamed with Snapchat to put none other than works from his Banality series in parks worldwide. Parent company Snap reported 173 million daily users in its most recent quarter, an increase of just seven million compared to the prior quarter.

Still, eMarketer expects Snap's ad revenue to surpass Twitter's by next year, doubling to $1.4 billion.

"One of the things I did underestimate was how much more important communication becomes", said Spiegel, who was interviewed at the event by journalist Walter Isaacson.