City Aims to Name New Town for Company: Amazon, Georgia


One Georgia city, for example, is offering to de-annex property within its boundaries and create a new city named, of course, Amazon.

Stonecrest is a new city which was formed officially earlier this year.

Stonecrest's plan to name a city after Amazon is just the latest in a series of wacky stunts that local governments are pulling to get the retailer's attention - everything from Tucson gifting CEO Jeff Bezos a 21-foot cactus to Philadelphia partnering with the Wharton School to solicit pitches from graduate students as a class project.

Amazon, Georgia, could become a reality.

In addition to the land, Amazon has said it is looking for a location that is close to an global airport and accessible through public transit. It's located near Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, and town attractions include a nature reserve and national heritage site.

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Per AEG's HQ2 index, Philly ranks seventh out of 35 cities vying to court the online retail giant, which claims its second headquarters will bring 500,000 jobs with an average salary of $100,000 to whatever city it chooses.

Whether Stonecrest wins Amazon's HQ2 or not, there's no denying this whole thing has been pretty freaking embarrassing for the cities participating in these business-style Hunger Games.

The city ranked highest in the "ease of transportation" category (probably because of its proximity to D.C. and New York).

"We have used Amazon's invitation for proposals as an opportunity to meet with state and county representatives, the business community and others to develop a plan for business expansion in Atlantic City", Mayor Don Guardian said in a statement Monday. To sweeten the deal, they are taking a page from the Japanese city formerly known as Koromo, renamed since 1959 to Toyota after Toyota Motors which has several manufacturing plants in that area. Lary said the city would then ask the Legislature for guidance on any further legislative action needed for the creation of the city of Amazon.