ATF: Gunman had bump stocks attached to 12 weapons


Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., added his name to a growing list of Democratic lawmakers calling on Congress to pass stronger gun control laws. Conservatives, as is tradition, have either dismissed those calls as a too-soon politicization of tragedy, or bizarrely claimed that nothing could have been done to avoid the massacre.

Witnesses said the barrage Paddock unleashed from his 32nd-floor hotel room sounded like a "machine gun" and audio analysis from The New York Times comparing the Las Vegas sound to the semi-automatic rifle used in the Pulse nightclub shooting in 2016 appears to show a weapon with automatic capabilities.

State police said if someone unlawfully possesses or converts a semiautomatic into an automatic weapon that it would violate CT law.

Former neighbors of Stephen Paddock didn't remember him ever talking about guns, but did notice his gambling. The bump-stock devices work by manipulating the trigger mechanism extremely rapidly, far faster than a person could do so without them.

The bump stocks weren't well known among the general public until the shooting and aren't sold widely.

Dianne Feinstein, who has long expressed concern over the availability of such accessories, said Tuesday that Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock modified at least one of his weapons with a bump stock device, but she did not elaborate.

Police now say 23 firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition were found in Stephen Paddock's hotel room.

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Video of the attack also reveals that Paddock may have turned legally-purchased guns into illegal firearms with the addition of a simple and easy to obtain device.

In light of this information, a few questions must be asked of conservatives calling for nothing to be done in the face of this tragedy.

On semi-automatic weapons, the trigger must be pulled every time to fire a round, after which the weapon reloads itself.

Attached to a dozen of the weapons were "bump stocks", a product that is not new or illegal. "Immediately that's a fully automatic weapon", said Forum, owner of Shoot Center in Cape Coral Florida. Make no mistake, these are offensive weapons, they are military-developed war machines that should not be available to civilians.

The ATF announced Tuesday they recovered nearly 50 rifles, shotguns and pistols after a deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas Sunday. Regulations put in place in 1986 made it much more hard for civilian buyers to get an automatic weapon.

There is, however, something that can be done, and I propose it to the steady stream of commentators that have taken to Fox News to marvel at how this tragedy could have been avoided.

Lesser plans to introduce legislation banning bump stocks and he's hoping for bipartisan support. The devices can be purchased for an AR-15-style rifle online at a cost of anywhere between $250 and $350.