WWE 2K18 Road To Glory And MyPlayer Systems Detailed


An all new WWE 2K18 trailer is up on Youtube and is one that was much expected as it showcases the Road To Glory mode.

Firstly, MyPlayer allows you to create your own wrestler, picking from eight different classes including Technician, which focuses on grappling and technique, Showboat, which excels in reversals and stamina and six others that you can check out on 2K's announcement blog. The developers explain, "You can participate in any upcoming PPV Event for which you qualify: Earn the required amount of stars in time to qualify for a PPV Event". The new feature makes it "super easy and quick" to create a base wrestler that you can further customize after the initial process. You can either use your MyCareer character in this mode or create a completely new one to use in your online matches. In the online Road to Glory, the higher you rank, the better placement you'll have on the card, and the bigger your name will be under the WWE banner. Most Superstar parts and moves are locked from the start.

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The initial release of WWE 2K18 is due on October 13 with the full game releasing on the 17th of this month. Despite featuring a loot box system and virtual currency system in their MyPlayer mode for the game all of it appears to be able to be unlocked through playing the game itself...such a novel idea. The Nintendo Switch version will be available sometime this fall.