Inland Northwest Blood Center in need of donations


As of 4:00 p.m., United Blood Services (UBS) said it's able to meet the blood needs of victims of the concert shooting being treated at their hospital partners-including University Medical Center (UMC) and other area hospital. "So it's a unique way to give back when tragedy strikes." said Tara Matheson, Manager of Donation Recruitment at Central Illinois Community Blood Centers.

Former NSYNC singer and Las Vegas native Lance Bass tweeted his frustration at the ban: "How is it STILL illegal for gays to donate blood??!"

"United Blood Services has three centers in Las Vegas that have been open since early this morning".

Lines were blocks long at blood banks in Las Vegas as residents rushed to do what they could to help the wounded.

Another said disbelievingly that "it's 2017 and gay men still can't donate blood".


They say they typically see an increase in blood donations after tragedies. And they've had a lot of donors come in. Edward is encouraging donors to spread out appointments throughout the week to allow United Blood Services to process and replenish supplies. At the Colorado Springs center on Austin Bluffs and Academy, more than 700 people registered yesterday.

"We need 80 pints of blood here in the Permian Basin", said Scott.

Minot's blood service center will hosting a double drive to collect units until 8:30 tonight in front of its office. Since platelets only have a five-day shelf life, they are in the most need for trauma patients, surgeries and cancer patients.

Even if you can't make it this week all eligible donors are encouraged to donate whenever you can!

GoFundMe for Las Vegas victims raises over $3M in 24 hours
White grew up in Las Vegas , and the UFC has been tied to the city since 2001, when two casino owners purchased the company. Both organizations urge people to donate if more blood is needed for the area.