Controversy over Team Trump's private email accounts intensifies


White House officials are investigating emails affiliated with a previously unreported email account used by Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, both of whom are White House advisers, just after launching an investigation into private email use among White House staff.

A White House spokesman additionally said the administration has told staffers to comply with the Presidential Records Act, which requires all documents related to White House communications be preserved, as well as "applicable guidelines for work-related communications".

Kushner's use of a third account comes after reports surfaced showing President Donald Trump's son-in-law sent emails from a private account earlier this year to White House colleagues.

The White House is already reviewing the couple's use of separate private email accounts for some official business. Sources told Politico that some security measures had been taken when the private domain was first set up last December.

Emails on that third account - domain name - included schedules and other official government documents, according to Politico.

In regards to Kushner and Ivanka Trump, Politico reports that numerous emails came from Ivanka's assistant and included work-related "data" and was sent "daily".

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Other current or former White House officials have also used personal email accounts or encrypted messaging apps that can be set to automatically delete communications for official matters.

"They've pretty much been using it since they got here", a source said.

"The extent of this coordination illustrates both full transparency and a desired separation between her work and personal functions", this person said. "The committee was so informed when the documents were sent, and there is no issue here". "He's a huge risk and they [security officials] believe his personal email and cell phone have likely been compromised, and once a foreign power knows about your e-mails, they can track and learn additional information based on all the e-mails you sent".

Numerous emails are internal travel documents and schedules, but some also contained official White House materials, Politico reported.

Kushner's attorney accidentally forwarded the letter, marked "COMMITTEE SENSITIVE" to the same person who had pranked him previously under a ruse where he posed as Kushner and sought advice about "adult" emails located on his personal email account.