Librarian Rejects Melania's 'Racist' Dr. Seuss Gift


First lady Melania Trump fired back Friday at a MA elementary school librarian who rejected her donation of Dr. Seuss books, claiming their illustrations are examples of "racist propaganda". However, Liz Phipps Soeiro, a librarian in Cambridge, Massachusetts, did not accept the gesture.

"'One fish - two fish - red fish - blue fish" - I think her comments "stink" and are ridiculous towards our beloved Dr. Seuss", Mayor Domenic Sarno said, according to

A donation that she sent as First Lady for a school in each state to celebrate the national day of Read a book.

She described the Dr. Seuss books donated to the school as 'steeped in racist propaganda, caricatures, and harmful stereotypes'.

It's pretty clear from the first lady's letter to the students, which she sent with the books, that the gift wasn't intended as any offense.

While numerous comments on the blog post commended Phipps Soeiro, others condemned her as "ungrateful" and called on her to keep her politics to herself.

Millions of Americans have fond memories of reading Dr. Seuss books as children or to their children.

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The elementary school librarian from MA explained in a blog that she had refused the set of 10 Dr Seuss books because she disagreed with actions by the Trump administration. The letter is longer than most Dr. Suess books, you can read it all here, but allow me to recap and pick out the important stuff. Liz Phipps Soeiro of Cambridgeport Elementary School in MA rejected the 10 Dr Seuss books sent from the White House, saying the books should go to underfunded communities instead.

And then there's the school librarian from Cambridge, Massachusetts who receives a shipment of Dr. Seuss books from one Ms. Melania Trump in recognition of National Read a Book Day and says, "No thank you and here's why!"

That was an unwelcome gift to a MA librarian, who is not really against Dr. Seuss as she claims, but just resisting anything related to President Trump.

Mrs. Trump's director of communications, Stephanie Grisham, responded to the "unfortunate" situation, noting that the First Lady is not one bit deterred.

The Cambridge school system distanced itself from Soeiro's opinions, saying her comments were "not a formal acceptance or rejection of donated books".

It continued: "We have counseled the employee on all relevant policies, including donations policies and the policy against public resources being used for political purposes".

First lady Melania Trump, flanked by counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway, speaks during an Opioid roundtable discussion held in the State Dining Room at the White House on Thursday, Sept. 28, 2017. Parent Eric Munson told CBS, "That's the librarian's prerogative and I support her decision", while another parent, Alex Vanpraagh, said, "I think the letter is really articulate, constructive in its suggestions".