Haley: Without Adequate Inspections, Nuclear Deal is "Empty Promise"


The medium-range missile was first displayed at a high-profile military parade on Friday.

Amano said the IAEA did not have the capacity to determine whether the North had tested a hydrogen bomb, as Pyongyang has claimed. In August, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley met with Amano, telling him that a "robust" verification regime depended on "access to facilities in Iran...including obtaining access to any locations in Iran where the IAEA has information regarding activities related to the JCPOA".

Responding to the missile test, Trump said it illustrated the weakness of the existing nuclear deal. However, Trump is keeping us in suspense for a little while longer.

The Trump administration has twice certified Iran's compliance with the deal in notifications to the US Congress under an American law. But efforts by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson last week to persuade European allies to try this were rebuffed; nor would Russian Federation or China (who were also party to the pact) be interested.

The measures were imposed despite the White House admitting in June that the Islamic Republic was abiding by the terms of the nuclear deal, which required the country to limit its ability to produce material to build nuclear weapons.

US President Donald Trump attends a press conference at the White House
US President Donald Trump attends a press conference at the White House

Congress will have sixty days to decide whether to reimpose sanctions that were in place before the nuclear deal was signed. Amano said he hoped the parties to the agreement would discuss the issue in the Joint Commission.

During the presidential campaign, Trump described the accord - struck between Tehran and the P5+1 group, including Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the USA - as the "worst deal ever". During his United Nations General Assembly speech, Netanyahu expressed his grave concern about the sunset clauses on the "dangerous deal".

The weeks leading to the October 15 certification deadline may be Europe's last, best chance to explain to President Trump and his advisors that undermining, let alone abrogating, the JCPOA would be a catastrophe not only for the goal of preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons, but also for the bond between the United States and Europe. European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, echoing the senior leadership of the UK, France, and Germany, said after Trump's United Nations speech that the deal is working and must be preserved.

Less than four weeks after the Obama-Iranian deal was implemented in January 2016, the Iranian government announced renewed access to $100 billion in frozen assets, according to the February 3, 2016 US News and World Report.

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