Insults fly over same-sex marriage song at football grand final


He also allegedly backed a petition started by ex-footy player Tony Wall calling for Macklemore's song to be banned.

Macklemore discussed the outrage and the petition against him while chatting on USA radio station POWER 106 on The Cruz Show.

His remarks add to the ongoing war of words between the "yes" and "no" camps ahead of a national survey on whether Australia should legalise same-sex marriage.

Macklemore has since responded to the controversy surrounding his upcoming NRL Grand Final performance, after being criticised by "angry old white dudes" for planning to perform "Same Love" in Sydney on Sunday night. Today I think there is a petition to ban from me playing. "(But) Imma go harder, Imma love".

"Trying to censor the playlist at the half-time entertainment at the grand final is not consistent with taking a liberal approach to free speech", Mr Turnbull said.

However, Rugby League fans have voiced their anger over the rapper's decision to sing the song, and have even launched a petition to ban the song from being performed.

Mr Goodwin thinks Macklemore is politicising football by performing his song.

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Other players stood and locked arms with teammates or stayed in the locker room until after the anthem was played. The five-year-old video sparked a reaction on Twitter, but not necessarily the one he was looking for.

"So it's interesting times in Australia".

They claim it politicizes sport and they want to "remove LGBTIQ politics out of the awesome sport of Rugby League".

Wall said his family would feel uncomfortable if they heard the song on Sunday.

The Coalition for Marriage, the leading No campaign group, accused the NRL of force-feeding fans LGBTIQ messages and making the grand final a "PC lecture theatre". "The opinion that I expressed yesterday was that the NRL had made a poor call in doing what they did", Abbott told reporters when he explained his position.

Now Macklemore has fired back at the haters, promising to "go harder" in response to the backlash.

Good on him for doubling down and referring to Abbott et "angry old white dudes". It's what we need right now!,' one person wrote.

His four-track set will include Same Love, which was adopted as an unofficial anthem for American same-sex marriage supporters.