Why Donald Trump wants fans to boycott the NFL


The tweet stems from a continuous feud between the president and the NFL after 200 pro football players knelt during the national anthem before games on the weekend in defiance of Trump's criticism of the "take a knee protest".

Trump caused a stir - and sparked what could become a growing movement - when he slammed NFL owners for not punishing players who take a knee during the national anthem.

The first is that the Cowboys are arguably the most popular and watched team in the league, and nearly any game featuring them is likely to do better than nearly any other.

Trump carried on with the subject through the weekend and all day Monday, telling players who demonstrate to "find something else to do" and calling the NFL's games "boring".

Trump began his attack on the National Football League at a rally in Alabama on Friday when he called a player who chose to kneel during the antem a "son of a b--". As a former-some might say current-television personality, Trump knows that falling ratings lead to a decline in advertising revenue for companies like CBS, NBC and Fox, the NFL's major national television broadcasters.

"When you get on your knee and you don't respect the American flag or the anthem that is not being treated with respect".

Kaepernick, who is unsigned this season, began dropping to a knee during the national anthem previous year in demonstration against police brutality and injustice. He wrote of the team's standing for the anthem, "Big progress being made". Kaepernick's not even in the NFL right now and the demonstrations during the national anthem have never been more prominent.

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Members of the Indianapolis Colts stand and kneel for the national anthem on Sunday.

President Donald Trump weighed in on this in a Tuesday morning tweet, saying that there should be a rule against this.

In the days that followed, the president would continue his onslaught against the league and the players, doing so in several rants on Twitter, resulting in massive backlash [VIDEO] from his critics and sports figures.

Reporter Kenneth P. Vogel attended the event, and he says Trump brought up Kaepernick and the protest discussion.

'I've seen people turn this into some sort of disrespect towards soldiers which I believe is an excuse not to hear or talk about what's really wrong with our country.

Even some of the anthem's singers took a stand, so to speak.