North Korea blames sanctions for child rights abuses


Asked whether there were any military options the United States could take with North Korea that would not put Seoul at grave risk, Mattis said there were, but declined to give details.

US President Donald Trump had discussed North Korea's "continued defiance of the global community" with President Xi Jinping, the White House said on Monday.

On July 4, North Korea conducted its first test of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), which it claims could reach "anywhere in the world" and conducted a second test on July 28.

"No. 1, those missiles are not directly threatening any of us", he said.

Still, despite heated rhetoric and posturing in the United States and North Korea, there has been no positioning of USA military assets to suggest a military conflict is imminent.

Seoul is within artillery range of North Korea, which is also believed to have a sizable chemical and biological arsenal beyond nuclear and conventional weapons.

Moscow has urged "all the parties involved [to] stop escalating tensions that accompany each new cycle of responses and counter responses", laying partial blame on Washington for ratcheting up tensions. The test showed that the United States territory of Guam is now in range of a North Korean attack. South Korea says the USA military has flown powerful bombers and stealth jets over the Korean Peninsula in joint drills with South Korean warplanes. It was the country's longest-ever test flight of a ballistic missile.

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Many experts say it's only a matter of time until Kim achieves his stated objective of possessing reliable nuclear-tipped missiles capable of striking anywhere in the mainland U.S. China in turn favors an worldwide response to the problem.

China and Russian Federation have repeatedly called for a peaceful solution and talks to resolve the issue.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Donald Trump spoke by telephone about keeping pressure on North Korea using economic sanctions imposed through the United Nations, the White House has said.

US Army forces ride an armored vehicle during a joint military exercise between the US and South Korea in Pocheon, South Korea on September 19, 2017.

The intermediate-range missile was launched on Friday near the isolated nation's capital, Pyongyang, soaring for about 3,680km before falling into the Pacific Ocean.

The US flew four F-35B stealth fighter jets and two B-1B bombers over the Korean peninsula on Monday in a blunt show of force.

A Swedish arms watchdog says the global number of nuclear warheads dropped past year, but it seems China, India, North Korea and Pakistan are expanding the size of their atomic arsenals.