Emma Stone Opens Up About Her Lifelong Struggle with Anxiety


Stone plays King as "an undauntable renegade" in public but "racked with self-doubt" in private, while Carell's chauvinistic Riggs is "more clownish than offensive", writes Leah Greenblatt at Entertainment Weekly. When the women players' dress designer (Alan Cumming) says, "Someday we will be able to be who we are", the blatancy of his moralizing is a disservice to the film. Riggs won Wimbledon (1939) and U.S. Open (1939, 1941) championships.

There are also strong supporting performances by Sarah Silverman playing Gladys Heldman, who helps create the Virginia Slims Tour with King and other female tennis pros; Alan Cumming, playing the gay costume designer who is really the only person King can talk truthfully to; and Bill Pullman, who plays the ideal heel Jack Kramer, a former pro who in the 1970s started the Association of Tennis Professionals, and in the movie is King's biggest adversary in building up women's tennis. With the match's outcome a foregone conclusion, I wonder how it will play for younger audiences. "It's really refreshing to spend time with somebody who is so easy to talk to".

The pill-gulping Riggs is a 5-2 favorite. It was dubbed the Mothers Day Massacre. Then we see Bobby Riggs being overwhelmed by his gambling addiction, which impacts his marriage, before he then sets out on his pursuit to convince Margaret Court and Billy Jean King to play in the titular matches.

Emma Stone as Billie Jean King in "Battle of the Sexes". Few exhibition games of any sport are remembered 44 years later. The match gave $500,000 to the victor in addition to appearance fees. Because he was such an overwhelming favorite to defeat King, he could bet money against himself, lose on goal and cash in. While the most recent battle of the sexes didn't have the happiest outcome, this film builds up to a truly satisfying and hopeful showdown. "Billie Jean was just too strong for me". Why, for instance, had she been a cheerleader in high school, rather than a basketball or tennis player? You could glimpse a whole culture in miniature when the ardent feminist Billie Jean King squared off against the self-described sexist pig Bobby Riggs at the Houston Astrodome in September of 1973. If she plays and loses: She loses. If King failed, so much more than a tennis match would be lost. For those of us who still struggle daily, she offers hope that there's light at the end of the tunnel - and reminds us that that we're bigger than that ever-present "green monster" after all.

Fergie still "great friends" with Josh Duhamel despite separation
Even though they just announced the real score of their relationship, CNN reported that the couple had broken up in February. Fergie released a music video for her song "Enchante", which stars Kendall Jenner! Fergie has her finge on the pulse.

When Larry puts it together that Billie Jean is cheating on him with a woman, there's no huge explosion, and yet you feel punched in the gut by their interaction after that.

The chart below is based on Google's ngram viewer and shows the amount of times the word "tennis" is mentioned in texts over time. It's a contentious time in which battles over women's rights and equality are a running theme; in which a presidential administration's legitimacy and the nation's self-confidence are being steadily eroded by a seemingly endless succession of damaging revelations leaking out of Washington, DC; and in which a circus-like sporting event pitching man against woman could assume larger-than-life proportions.

Women's college athletes went from about 32,000 in 1972 to 191,131 in 2011. She blazes with pride as she and the other members of "The Nine" take on the male tennis establishment and glows with passion as she discovers her true sexual identity with Marilyn.

In 2010, professional bowler Kelly Kulick became the first woman to defeat a male field of bowlers in a Professional Bowlers Tour tournament. She finished ninth in the Indy 500 in 1978. In retaliation, she formed the first women's tennis association to prove the distaff side of sports was equal to men in every way-and in some ways better.