Apple ditching the headphone jack spurs threefold increase in wireless headphone sales


If you're considering asking Siri what lamp you should buy, IKEA recommends the $69.99 wireless charging-capable Riggad.

It seems like Xiaomi has finally jumped the wireless charging bandwagon and the Mi 7 might be the first Xiaomi phone to feature wireless charging. The website of the consortium shows the company as one of the 243 members. Just like Apple iPhones, the recent Samsung Galaxy S8 also features glass back to allow wireless charging. Today, the Chinese manufacturer apparently joined the Wireless Power Consortium, the group of tech firms that have the goal of promoting the Qi wireless charging platform. Maybe Xiaomi wanted to keep this feature for its 2018 handsets, or it simply couldn't integrate the wireless charging support into its smartphone in time. No high-end smartphone it revealed this year has wireless charging support, based on the information the company has provided so far. This means that Xiaomi does aspire to launch phones with wireless charging in the months to follow.

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is now a member of the Wireless Power Consortium.

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The increase has come a year after Apple removed the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 and introduced "Airpods" their own bluetooth headphones.

We are eager to see what the Xiaomi Mi 7 will be like and what other new features it will bring. It is sold as a separate accessory for Apple's newly released Qi-supported devices like the iPhone 8 and Series 3 Apple Watch.

If the Mi 7 will indeed arrive next year with Qi wireless charging, it's likely that it may a have glass back rather than metal.