Marine Corps will get its first female infantry officer


That exercise marked the final graded requirement in the 13-week course, which is widely seen as some of the toughest training in the military.

The few, the proud will soon have a female infantry officer - a historic first in the almost 250-year history of the Marine Corps, according to a report.

The unidentified Marine lieutenant, the 31st female candidate for the branch's grueling Infantry Officer Course, has officially completed PALMFEX, the three-week live-fire exercise conducted at Twentynine Palms in California that marks a "culminating event" for all aspiring infantry officers, alongside her male colleagues. Three dozen women have attempted the course, but this woman, who has not yet been named, was the first to pass it. They spoke on condition of anonymity because the graduation has not yet occurred.

Upon graduation, the first female infantry officer is expected to lead a platoon of infantry Marines.

All that stands between participants in the course and graduation day is administrative days and turning gear back into supply, the Post reported.

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Since the course opened up, more than 30 female officers have attempted it and failed.

Another four women, including the officer expected to graduate, have attempted to complete the course since 2015, according to the Post.

Officials with knowledge of the woman declined to reveal her name, asserting that she did not want to gain media attention and instead remain as a "quiet professional".

The decision proved to be unpopular among the Marine Corps, whose officials made an unsuccessful request for an exception to allowing women to serve in infantry and armor positions.

This is such a huge deal- my hope is that she is never an officer who says she never considered her gender as being an issue in her career.