UC Berkeley Cop Takes Money From Hot Dog Vendor


"I captured this video as we were interrupted by UC Berkeley Police officer", alumnus Martin Flores said in a Facebook post.

Martin Flores was buying a hot dog from the vendor named Juan after a football game on campus when two police officers approached the cart. The campus cop, later identified as Sean Aranas, then takes the vendor's wallet and proceeds to pocket his money.

"That's not right... You're going to take his hard-earned money?"

While the campaign's initial goal was to raise $10,000, but more than $47,000 has been collected within 24 hours of the page being created.

The officer issuing the ticket while the vendor, Juan, watches on. UC Berkeley police told KTVU-TV that it does have the right to confiscate money, which in this case it booked as evidence. 'Yep, this is law and order in action.Thank you for your support'.

Even as the vendor, identified as Juan, objects, it is to no avail, as Aranas begins writing a citation.

The citation was part of a larger crackdown on illegal vending outside of campus events, Vice Chancellor Scott Biddy said in a statement.

Flores continued shooting the incident, but it didn't prevent the officer from taking out the remaining cash from the vendor's wallet.

To that Aranas replied, "Yeah, well he doesn't have a permit".

Flores later met with the vendor, Juan, and conducted a number of media interviews to highlight the fundraising effort.

'We are aware of the incident, ' UC Berkeley spokesman Dan Mogulof told Berkeleyside on Sunday.

"... to look at both the procedural and management issues related to the incident."

As indicated by Flores, there were other individuals offering things outside the amusement and in addition participants straightforwardly savoring liquor open who were being overlooked by law implementation. U.C. Berkeley students are also getting involved, including starting a petition to have officer Aranas fired from the police department.

According to UCPD Sgt. Sabrina Reich, Aranas issued the citation for vending without a license and UCPD also detained three other individuals for vending without a license, who were all released later that day with a warning.

It had raised almost $33,000 as of Monday morning.

UC Berkeley spokesman Dan Mogulof told Berkeleyside on Sunday that they're now looking into the matter.