Sergio Dipp Wants 2nd Chance After Epic 'Monday Night Football' Disaster


Dipp, who is an anchor for ESPN's "SportsCenter" in Latin America, was also making his first appearance on MNF as a sideline reporter.

Michael Davis Smith, Managing Editor of Pro Football Talk, tweeted, "If ESPN doesn't use Sergio Dipp in the second half they're missing out on a huge opportunity".

Monday Night Football came back to television screens all over the country last night and two African Americans-Vance Joseph for the Denver Broncos and Anthony Lynn for the Los Angeles Chargers-made their NFL debuts as head coaches in the same game.

"Beth, coach, it's a pleasure to be with you guys", Dipp said with the enthusiasm - and nerves - of a young man in the moment of realizing his dream. There was just something endearing about him.

That 20 seconds from Dipp was all it took to make him a trending topic on Twitter.

He then more confidently said, as ESPN switched to a shot of Joseph, "His diversity and his background is helping him a lot tonight". But among these changes, the early star of this new squad has to be Sergio Dipp.

Dipp, who caught wind of the reactions and the criticism, quickly uploaded a video offering a honest apology for his fumble and pleaded for a second chance from viewers. Sitting on his hotel room bed, he explained that his attempt was to demonstrate the parallels between his debut as a minority and that of the head coaches. "Hopefully I'll have another chance and be sure I make the most out of it".

In addition, the game featured, for the first time ever, two African Americans making their National Football League head coaching debuts in the same contest.

Dipp, of ESPN Deportes fame, might have had a hiccup or two that the audience picked up on.