People Are Seriously Pissed About Chainsmokers' Racist Joke About Asians Eating Dogs


The Chainsmokers are trying to put out a fire they sparked online.

The video was quickly taken down - although not before being screengrabbed by Buzzfeed- after it sparked a negative reaction from people angry that Pall played into the stereotype that Chinese people eat dogs, and others more angry that he would joke about the serious issue of people in China eating dogs.

EDM duo The Chainsmokers landed in hot water this week after critics accused them of making a "racist" gaffe during an interview in China.

Pall said, "I mean if [my dog] could come anywhere I'd bring her to - well, I don't know if I'd bring her to China".

The Chainsmokers are putting their tails between their legs after Alex Pall made a joke about not bringing his dog to China out of fear it could get eaten. Worse, he seemed to laugh after saying it to the Asian interviewer, who responded by looking straight to the camera in shock.

In the clip, the Chinese interviewer asks Alex Pall if he brings his dog with him on tours. Others pointed out that the controversial Yulin dog meat festival still takes place every year, despite recent rumors that it would be banned.

"We originally posted [that promotional] video to show how much we love China and our fans there", he continues.

The Chainsmokers actually shared video of that exchange on their official Twitter page, before realizing that it likely wasn't helping them to appeal to their Asian fans. "We would never intentionally do anything to upset our fans and we apologise if we offended anyone".