'The Magic School Bus Rides Again' Trailer Reveals Netflix's Nostalgia-Fueled Reboot


Deadline.com reports that the song is featured in the new trailer, along with Tomlin's Ms Frizzle (now Professor Frizzle) and Kate McKinnon as Fiona Frizzle. The series is called "The Magic School Bus Rides Again", and it's hitting Netflix later this month. Can you believe the original has been off the air for a full 20 years?

The students were led on their trips by the thoroughly unhinged fun teacher Miss Frizzle, played by comedian Lily Tomlin. The result: feeble, inconsistent character drawings that distracted from the story.

Netflix is bringing back the Magic School Bus, but everything is newer and hipper: the school has solar panels, the animation is simpler, Liz the iguana is a DJ.

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I know it's odd to harp on animation standards for a former PBS series of all things, but if the series is receiving a Netflix update, I wish it could have gotten a better production budget - or at least show that it did.

The Magic School Bus begins on Netflix on September 22. Along with the new look, we even get a fresh take on the classic theme song from Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda.

The almost two-minute trailer avoids spoiling any more details from the revival, though it does offer fans an expansive preview of the new Ms. Frizzle's adventures with her class.