Kyrie Irving: Road to the Boston Celtics


According to's Joe Vardon, Thomas will begin working out with the Cavs training staff on Tuesday.

That first-rounder could be the piece to persuade LeBron to stay after the 2017-2018 season, as it can be flipped for a huge name that can help keep the Cavs afloat if LeBron does indeed bolt once again. After suffering a torn labrum against the Cavs during the postseason last May, the point guard is still recovering from the injury.

"Cleveland also has its own first-round pick in 2018, which it can trade".

Now that the pick is officially theirs, however, reports have surfaced that the Cavs may not plan to hold on to it.

The 2018 NBA Draft class is supposed to have some strong players with superstar potential as well, so if the Jazz were able to net one of them that could help elevate the organization to the next level for years to come, it would nearly certainly be worth it to go for that pick.

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Looking back at this last postseason, we saw the Celtics have an incredible run and a lot of it was thanks to Thomas, who continuously put the team on his back to win game after game.

The pick opens up a lot of possibilities for the Cavaliers because it gives them an asset they haven't had in a long time.

Hayward and Irving smiled and bantered like old friends as they posed for pictures holding their new Celtics jerseys. Just as the Jazz are likely taking a cautious approach with some of their younger players that still have need to prove themselves, other teams around the league likely won't be chomping at the bit to make a major deal for those guys.

Then, out of nowhere, Danny Ainge threw Thomas away, along with Crowder and Zizic (don't get me started on the picks), all for just one point guard. The Cavaliers are still optimistic that Thomas will be ready to go to open next season, though.

I've already argued why I think the trade was bad from a talent and physical stand point, but when it comes to morality and ethically, Boston had no right to just give Thomas away like they did.