Labour Brexit chief Keir Starmer denies party in chaos over single market


LEAVE-backing Tory and Labour MPs are uniting to force Theresa May into a climb down over a Brexit power grab.

She is expected to approve a Brexit bill after the Tory party conference in October, waiting until then to avoid high profile attacks at the conference.

But he added Labour was about "not giving the government a blank cheque to pass powers into the hands of ministers". The Conservatives can benefit from the discipline imposed by a more organized opposition, but if they fail to get Brexit right, their political legacy will be a new government led by Mr. Corbyn.

But outspoken pro-Remain former minister Anna Soubry responded angrily to attempts to try to stop Tory MPs tabling or supporting amendments to the legislation, telling the Observer: "Any suggestion that this is in any way treacherous or supporting Jeremy Corbyn is outrageous".

Their only motivation is the pursuit of chaos. The majority of the public (64 per cent) would, however, like to see levels of low-skilled immigration reduced.

Nicky Morgan: The new chair of the Commons treasury select committee has repeatedly raised fears over the economic dangers of a hard Brexit. "But it is also clear that a discussion on community cohesion and integration must sit alongside the wider immigration debate".

United Kingdom minister: European Union commission criticism of Brexit talks was 'silly'
Davis said all MPs had an interest in the bill succeeding. "Anybody, remainer or leaver, should support this bill", he said. Barnier's comments followed the third round of increasingly acrimonious Brexit negotiations in Brussels last week.

Sir Keir said Labour would oppose the Bill if the Government does not respond to its concerns.

Writing in today's City A.M., Andrew Parmley, the Lord Mayor of London, said the capital must remain an "international city" that welcomes "talented individuals" from across the world. But the party also favors a post-Brexit relationship with the European Union that encompasses cooperation on a range of matters beyond trade, including education, medicine and culture.

The first full parliamentary debate on the legislation is set for Thursday but the Labour Party is expected to push for changes which would keep the United Kingdom in the single market and customs union during a transition period after 2019.

However, rifts between Labour figures were exposed when Caroline Flint, Labour's shadow energy secretary, said the party must not take a position that voters would regard as a reversal of the country's decision in June previous year.

Watson's remarks came after the latest round of Brussels talks ended in acrimony, with European Union negotiator Michel Barnier branding Britain "nostalgic" and calling its Brexit demands "impossible".

"I accept the argument that we won't have votes, in fact most of the provisions that will be coming into force during that two or three year period will be provisions that we will have had a say on".