If you want to become an organ donor tell your family


Officials say a reluctance to talk about the issue is contributing to a deadly shortage of organs.

Surveys by the NHS Blood and Transplant show that more than 80% of people support organ donation but only around 49% of people have ever talked about it.

A man whose life was saved by a pioneering heart transplant two years ago is urging people to join the organ donor list.

According to the website of the Iranian Society of Organ Donation, at present 27,081 people are awaiting organ transplant.

Only one in every hundred people die in circumstances where they could donate, so every potential donor is precious.

"It's a tragedy that people are dying unnecessarily every year in Wiltshire waiting for transplants".

Now, the organisation has encouraged people to talk to family members during Organ Donation Week. A few words now can make an extraordinary difference.

It said that when families are left to make such a decision on their relative's behalf, some decide it was safer to say no.

"If you want to save lives, don't leave it too late to talk to your family". It said that while 66% of people say they would donate their organs after death, only 39% had signed the organ donor register, the system in England.

Anthony continued: "If you are unsure about donation, please ask yourselves as a family; what would you do if one of you needed a transplant?" These included 2,500 kidney, 802 liver, 119 heart, 30 pancreas and several intestine, lung and bone marrow transplants.

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She added: "What made me go through with it at that time was I didn't want anybody to feel the pain I was feeling".

Since then she has campaigned to get other people to sign up to the register to help the thousands of waiting patients.

The parents of a four-year-old who died while on the waiting list have urged people to discuss donation.

The double lung transplant was carried out at Freeman Hospital in Newcastle when he was aged 22 on September 20 1992.
The operation was a success and Mr Woodward, 47, has competed in athletics and cycling events at British and World Transplant Games events.

Aoife O'Sullivan, from Leigh-on-Sea in Essex, died in March 2016 while waiting for a heart transplant. You just had to keep waiting and hoping.

"Of course we want more people".

"They tell you to get on with life as normal, but you can't".

The YEP will this week feature a series of inspiring stories of people who have spoken of their experiences of organ donation.

"I fully support the work they are doing to make people aware of how important it is to tell your family what your wishes are", she said.

"This might seem like a hard conversation, but it could save the lives of people in desperate need of a heart transplant, and ensure your wishes are respected after death". "That way more lives could be saved".