Chandigarh youth falls prey to Blue Whale Challenge


Falling prey to the infamous Blue Whale Challenge, another 20 year old youth identified as Ashokbhai Parthibhai Thakore has been reported to have ended his life by jumping into Sabarmati River. While Google Trends data has placed Kolkata on the top of the list of 10 such cities, Guwahati has been placed fourth in the global list, with San San Antonio (USA) and Nairobi (Kenya) occupying the second and third slot.

The Blue Whale challenge is believed to have originated in Russian Federation in 2013, invented by one Philipp Budeikin, who was later arrested and declared guilty of inciting 16 teenagers to commit suicide.

Mangaluru Boy Escapes From Clutches Of Blue Whale Challenge:- A high school boy, from Mangaluru has been provided counseling and brought out of the clutches of the deadly "Blue Whale Challenge" game.

At the end of the challenge, the person is "challenged" to commit suicide.

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The teenager issued threats to her victims to murder them or their family members if they failed to complete tasks.

He added, “when we received information that a student of Class-VII of a local school and hailing from Mulankota area of Raha had taken up the Blue Whale Challenge, we reached the spot immediately and rescued the boy.

Their final task on the 50 day is to kill themselves.

Meanwhile, the Bengal government is planning to introduce a separate chapter on "Responsible use of Internet", in school syllabus in view of regular reports of school children in the state becoming victims of deadly online game. Russian police raided her house and released a video which showed portraits of Philip Budeikin, the Russian psychology student who confessed to inventing the game and now is in prison. Some of the recent deaths of children in the age group 12-19 years have been linked to the game. The letter asks schools to create awareness among teachers and students on the ill-effects the game can have on young minds. There have been other instances where teenagers were led to attempt suicide.